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Online Marketing at its best

  • Tell us about what you do
  • We'll tie the ideal package
  • Start grow your business
  • Always analyze and optimize
  • Tell us about what you do. The better we understand what it is that drives you to give your best every day, the better we can deliver that message to your customers and prospects.

  • Good enough is not good enough. We want to blow your mind. That's why we'll create a mix of beautiful advertising media for your campaign that attracts attention, but still focuses on simple messages and stays in line with your corporate identity.

  • After all, you're investing a marketing budget to grow your business. That's why all of our campaigns are optimized for converting viewers into customers. We'll find the right audience for your business.

  • "In God we trust, all others must bring data". A marketing campaign must be measured and analyzed. We do that every day, but we want to enable you to do the same. To us, delivering quality means meeting your expectations.

What is Pikkabird?

Pikkabird is an online marketing agency from Larnaca. We manage branding and performance-oriented marketing campaigns with an innovative advertising media mix. Also we offer email marketing, PPC and social media campaigns alongside with hands-on search engine optimization strategies and keyword research. Contact us for information about banner design, video advertising, conversion rate optimization, social ads, prospecting and much more. We can help you grow your online business in an efficient and sustainable way.

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Video Marketing

Kickstart into video advertising

Forget about expensive video productions. With us you can create your own in-stream video ads in no time. No pre-existing video material required.


Sometimes it just needs a reminder

Retargeting is one of the most efficient performance marketing strategies. We can optimize your ROI by refining your retargeting audience based on smart rulesets to make sure no ad impression is wasted.

Social Ads

Precise & Powerful

Your customers are in social networks, so you should be too. We can help you find the right audience and spread the word about your business on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more.

Search Engine Optimization

Basis for everything else.

With search engine optimization you create the foundation for efficient online marketing. People are searching the web with their questions. Make sure they find you when your products or services are the answer.

Pay per click

Instantly rank for great keywords

Sometimes SEO is not enough or not fast enough. With efficient and smart PPC campaigns you can still be on the top of the search engine result pages.

Email Marketing

get and keep in touch

Send emails to get in touch with prospects and convert them into paying customers. With a solid email marketing campaign you can not only gain new customers but also maintain your relationship with them.