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Social Media Marketing

Your customers are on social networks

Chances are high, your customers communicate on social networks. So you should, too. We can help you get in touch with your clientele where they feel at home and have an open ear for your message.

Careful but effective advertising

Social networks can be rough. It requires well-considered measures to keep in touch with your customers and at the same time get your marketing message across. Our social media experts have many years of experience in doing just that.

Optimized strategies and sales funnels

The targeting possibilities on social networks are great. Nevertheless, a considerable amount of time and effort should be put into optimizing the creatives and the sales funnel. We can help you get your site, your advertising media, and your strategy up to speed.

It's not just Facebook has become a synonyme for social media. But there's more: With Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. there are so many options that you need to make a smart decision on where to invest your time and effort. We can help you analyze the different channels and find out the best way to go.

Turn your prospects into customers

with Pikkabird as your partner for efficient social marketing campaigns.

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